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Tarot Spreads

The Wild Unknown Spread

The Wild Unknown Spread is for those of us who like to delve into the underlying dynamics of a situation. Not for the faint of heart, the card that appears in “the wild unknown” position shows us something seldom recognized, seldom talked about, or that has been forgotten. It could be a call to return to creativity or truth. It could be a sign that there’s envy or greed contributing to the situation. This is a great reading to do when there’s a big question at hand or when life has you perplexed.

  1. Past A dynamic from the past still influencing the current situation.
  2. Resilience An ability or strength you’ve acquired that must be remembered and relied on.
  3. Present The current situation. This card can also represent the current “self”.
  4. Challenge A challenge or complication that will require new growth to overcome.
  5. Future The likely outcome.
  6. The Wild Unknown A forgotten or underlying force contributing to the current situation. Think of this as a “wild card”, it has a strong effect on the outcome, yet remains unseen by most.