Celtic Cross Part I: The Heart

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Celtic Cross Part I: The Heart


The first two cards in the Celtic Cross Spread represent the “heart of the matter”. You can also refer to them as “the heart” which is symbolic and helpful in ways we’ll discuss in a moment.  The relationship between these two cards is what the entire Celtic Cross hinges on, so it’s well worth our time to focus in and try to understand it.


Let’s take a look at the cards visually for a moment. Card 2 covers so much of card 1 that unless you are quite familiar with the deck, you may not even recognize what lies beneath! There’s a clue in this so take the analogy and run with it… card 2 is getting in the way. It’s thwarting the situation, it’s causing trouble, or at least blocking the flow.


Not to mention card 2 is sideways. The card isn’t in a classic reverse position (upside down) which is slightly easier to interpret. Instead, it’s on its side, in limbo, neither up nor down. Think of this as the card’s power being unmanifest, unresolved: its energy is running sideways. This takes some contemplation and some subtle work as a reader to grasp fully. What does the Chariot signify when it runs sideways? What happens when the Six of Pentacles is unmanifest? Seasoned card readers, get out your journals and get to work. Your card reading will elevate from “by the books” to nuanced, personal, and deep.


To some degree, card 1 simply waits there for us to do the work. This is when the cards start to mimic the heart. Whether the heart is in pain or in love, whether burdened or light, it waits patiently for us to connect to it. Card 1 needs you to work through card 2 before it can truly reveal itself. All the while its there… steady and supporting you.


A helpful question might be, “What can I do to turn card 2 right side up, so I can see both cards clearly and move forward?”

  1. The Heart of the Matter This card represents the most central issue in your life. It’s the heart of all hearts and it wants your attention.
  2. The Complication This card has many names, but most simply it represents a thwarted desire, an unmanifest dream, or a dynamic that is getting in the way. It’s usually tied to Card 1 in one sneaky way or another.  

Keep us posted with your progress #twuspreads and stay tuned for Celtic Cross Parts 2 and 3 coming soon!

 Celtic Cross: The Heart