Astrology of The Wild Unknown Tarot

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Astrology of The Wild Unknown Tarot

MOON + QUARTZ Astrology of The Wild Unknown Tarot


We asked resident astrologer MOON + QUARTZ to tap into the astrology that powers The Wild Unknown Tarot, and take a peek at the cosmic underpinnings of the deck’s upcoming transition. 


9:00 am, October 8, 2012 in New York, NY


The Wild Unknown Tarot is a Libra sun with a Cancer moon and Scorpio rising, which gives the deck a quiet, transformative strength borne of tremendous emotional depth. As cardinal signs, Libra and Cancer are two of the four leaders of the zodiac, possessing an initiatory energy and the fortitude to serve as an example for others.


 But the biggest stand-out I see in the chart for the Tarot? A harmonious trine between Saturn and Neptune. Let’s break it down.


Saturn is a planet of boundaries and form, rules and authority; Neptune, in contrast, rules the mystical realm: spirit, inspiration, the unconscious, the collective, dreams and psychic insight. Neptune is intangible, slippery as the sea; Saturn (as anyone who’s been through their Saturn Return can tell you) is as real and concrete as an 18-wheeler semi-truck. When these two energies engage inharmoniously, we see widespread disillusionment, the dissolution of borders and boundaries, and a breakdown in the collective status quo. (If this sounds familiar, it's because an inharmonious Saturn-Neptune aspect has been active since late 2015 for everyone on the planet!) We are confronted by the realities (Saturn) our collective unconscious darkness (Neptune). 


But when these energies engage harmoniously, as they do in the chart for the Tarot, the two planets serve each other. Saturn creates a form for the mystical, and the psychic insight Neptune exudes is given a concrete means of delivery. Neptune and Saturn move slowly through the zodiac, so any engagement between these two planets waxes and wanes over a 12-15 month period. That The Wild Unknown Tarot has this aspect exact to the degree in its chart (Saturn and Neptune are located at 0 degrees Scorpio and Pisces, respectively) is exceedingly rare, giving the cards the ability to channel enormous psychic and intuitive power.


A few other important notes:

Venus in Virgo speaks to the intricate artistry and line-work of the cards as well as the deck’s orientation toward service. Mercury trine Chiron gives the cards an uncanny ability to show us our growth-points, or where we’re in need of healing; a Venus-Pluto trine only magnifies the deck’s transformative power.


Mars square Neptune enables the deck to actively reach past the limits of ordinary reality to connect with psychic and otherworldly sources of knowledge. This aspect also speaks to the magnetism of the cards, and the potential for deep, personal connection to the insight they offer.


Jupiter in Gemini gives the cards the ability to guide and teach; the planet’s residence in the eighth house of transformation gives the deck the power to deliver deep revelation and healing through our surrender to the wisdom of the unknown, something we do each and every time we turn to the Tarot for insight.



As I write this, a tense square from transiting Pluto (the planet of death and re-birth) to the The Wild Unknown Tarot’s Sun (the place of self and identity) is at its peak. Astrologically, square aspects present a challenge: when two planets form a 90-degree angle, energy doesn’t flow easily between them. They are at odds with each other, and something has to give — which means action must be taken to resolve the tension.


Given the few days that remain before the end of the artist-printed Wild Unknown Tarot, it comes as no surprise that the Sun-Pluto square is an identity (Sun) transforming (Pluto) aspect. 


The ultimate message here is one of surrender. Transformation comes through yielding to forces larger than our conceptions of our own personal identity. We find empowerment not from clinging to what we know or fighting the current, but by embracing and entering the unknown. 


We might even turn to the Death card, to which Pluto bears the closest similarities. The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook advises: “A positive transformation begins after the initial forms of suffering have passed.” 


The astrology and the cards are in agreement: once we surrender to the ego death that Pluto brings, what we gain in re-birth is evolution of the most powerful kind.