Awareness Spread

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Awareness Spread


Whenever I find myself stuck in my head, I turn to this simple four-card spread for insight, reflection, and grounding in the body.

All too frequently we base our decision-making on the logical, rational workings of the mind. The Awareness Spread can be helpful for discovering how an activity or course of action impacts the various centers of self: use it to check-in with the body on creative, emotional, and mental levels, or to investigate the underlying dynamics of a confusing situation. The fourth card offers vital insight from the higher self regarding the path ahead.

As we learn to gather insight rooted deep in the wisdom of the body, we get closer to a more fully integrated way of being in the world. Add this spread to your repertoire and enjoy the expansive awareness it brings.  

  1. Creative CenterThis card shows the potential for a situation, person, environment or course of action to feed, nurture, or block you creatively. This card can also reflect where you are in your creative process.
  2. Heart CenterWhat is your heart trying to tell you? Does this card signal nourishment, or point to disappointment? 
  3. Lower MindConsumed by our everyday worries and logistical thinking, the Lower Mind receives of a disproportionate amount of our conscious attention. This card reveals a particular mental pattern or rut we've fallen into.
  4. The Higher SelfWithout the intruding interpretations of the lower mind, the insight offered here is clear and poignant. Surprises may lurk here, particularly if you've spent a long time caught in the rational mind: listen closely to what it has to say. What message is the higher self imparting?