Celtic Cross Part III: The Staff

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Celtic Cross Part III: The Staff

In our two previous posts on the Celtic Cross Spread, we took a deep look into the meaning of the first 6 cards. Now, it’s time to move forward toward action… onward to the Staff! 

What is a staff, by the way? What does the image conjure up in you? If you had a staff to carry on your journey, what would it be made of, what would it look like? Staffs, rods, and staves are used throughout mythological stories and they often contain potent magic used for protection and to reveal wisdom or light. They may also be used to bring about the impossible. Whatever the staff may be, the character who wields it has the power to bring about change. Think of this staff of cards in a similar light. It reveals, it strengthens and then it moves us forward.

While we saw that cards 1-6 help us understand both the situation at hand and our psyche, cards 7-10 are a call to action. It’s all about moving forward. Where will you go on our epic journey? Do you wish you could follow another’s path? Card 7 shows us our state as we face the darkness of the forest. As we progress towards card 10 we pass by our influences, and our hopes and fears, hidden in the forest. They may try and stop us, thwart us, or trick us from forging ahead. If I’m sounding ridiculously mythic here, that’s not an accident. We are all on a journey. When we forget that, our lives become listless.

Card 10 is the big whammy of the Celtic Cross. No matter what is going on in the rest of the spread, its energy presides over them all. It is a call to our deepest soul about the path that we are on and where it may lead. Some readers place two cards in position 10 to get a more complex picture of the story. I like just using one.

Pay close attention to major arcanas that come up in the reading, especially in the staff. They point to very strong, very deeply rooted part of yourself. Remember we cannot walk another’s path. It must be uniquely ours! 

  1. The Heart of the Matter(read our previous post for an in-depth look at cards 1-2)
  2. The Complication
  3. The Foundation(read our previous post for an in-depth look at cards 3-6)
  4. The Past
  5. What Resides Above
  6. Future Visions
  7. YouThis card represents a kind of “naked” or “unarmored” look at the protagonist of the reading as they step forward on their journey.
  8. External InfluencesA very important card to understand, the External Influences can block us from moving forward. This card indicates what is most heavily influencing us, and gives us the power to make changes if necessary. At every moment, something is influencing us, and the more we understand that, the better.
  9. Hopes & FearsLike the card in position 7, this also shows a tender and intimate side of the story. It may indicate a love interest, a heartbreak, or a fissure in the confidence of the querent. Treat this card gently as it may end up coming in handy along the path, turning into a secret weapon when you initially thought it was a weakness.
  10. The Final OutcomeThis card can also be thought of as the calling. It is the strong desire pulling you forward all the way through the ten cards of the Celtic Cross. It reigns over all the rest. We thought card 6 was the future, yet card 10 is the real heavyweight, the truer, deeper calling making its voice heard. Thanks for taking the time to listen. 

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Celtic Cross Part III: The Staff