Interpret the Cards

The Basics

Interpret the Cards


Anyone can learn to read the cards — all it takes is a little time, practice, and focus. Each card possesses an infinite number of interpretations depending on the question posed, how it's framed, and the quality of attention applied by the seeker. 


Here's an easy practice to develop your intuitive capacity to engage the cards.

  1. Place your deck in front of you and get centeredYou can focus on counting your in-breaths and out-breaths, repeating a sacred mantra, or drawing your awareness to the center of the forehead.
  2. When you're ready, let the question arise in your mindKeep your focus fixed on it for a moment, letting the question flow through you.
  3. Keep the question repeating in your mind as you shuffle and cut the deckContinue until the you feel a subtle sensation of readiness.
  4. Center your mind...then pull and turn over a cardDon't attempt to immediately arrive at the intended meaning, or turn to the guidebook in hopes of finding a simple explanation. Let the card's deeper message for you unfold slowly under your persistent gaze — you can turn to the guidebook for additional insight in a few minutes.
  5. What does the image evoke in you?What story do the colors tell? How about the patterns? If there's a figure or animal featured in the image, what feeling do they evoke in you? Do the symbols resonate? What memories and emotions does the imagery bring up? It may help to write some notes on your perceptions as they come, with no judgement or immediate analysis.
  6. After spending 15-20 minutes letting the card float in your awareness, put the card down and review your impressionsYou may be surprised to find yourself face-to-face with a clear, nuanced response to your inquiry.

Repeating this practice regularly will help you become comfortable with the idea that each and every meaning you perceive during your sessions with the cards is valid and worthy information. Stick with it – the reward is a powerful relationship with your deck that will last a lifetime.