The Way Out Spread

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The Way Out Spread

This spread is perfect for the situations that leave you feeling stagnated, roadblocked, or thwarted in your quest for progress and momentum.

Sometimes the frustrations that interrupt our flow are also invitations calling out for our attention. As one of my favorite teachers, Michael Meade, writes: "Truth lies closer to the earth, down in the mud where creation begins again, down where everyone finds the deep imagination within their own soul." 

Valuable treasures hide in the depths — but we must say yes to the descent before finding the answers and solutions we seek. This spread will help you find your way out by diving in, and using what you discover to set yourself free. 

This is a reading that rewards prolonged contemplation. Don't try it when you're attempting to rush your way to a solution. Spend time turning these messages over in your mind, giving yourself plenty of room to consider the questions they provoke.


  1. The matter at handTake particular notice if this card approaches the issue from a different angle than you'd observed — this may be a key piece of the puzzle.
  2. The blockHere's what's standing in your way, or preventing forward motion.
  3. The hidden jewelThis card shows the hidden truth underlying the stagnation or frustration.
  4. A shift in awarenessThis card represents the shift in perspective necessary to break through what's blocking you.
  5. The way outThe ultimate path to liberation.