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Two Interviews with Kim Krans


"The tarot is not an end; it's a means. People get confused...And I just don't believe that any tool is the end. The end is so vast, and mysterious, and powerful — beyond our wildest dreams. All these tools that we use to get there are just the boat we use to get off the shore we typically stay on — ignorance is a strong word, but it's Avidya, which in Sanskrit is a kind of not-knowing. When we use the tarot, we get in the boat, launch off the shore, and remember we have a deeper self and a deeper purpose for being here...It's all kind of a mystery."

Kim Krans chats about her evolution as an artist, the purpose of the tarot, why artists need to keep going, the importance of trusting your gut, and so much more on The Secret Library and Progressive Spirit podcasts.