Year Ahead Spread

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Year Ahead Spread

The Year Ahead Spread is an annual ritual at The Wild Unknown. Every December, as the year winds down, we return again to this classic reading for month-by-month insight into the themes and opportunities of the upcoming year. 

Each card represents one month of the year to come, while the card in the center points to the overall theme. You can shuffle the deck and lay down the cards consecutively one by one, or shuffle the cards in between each pull — just follow your intuition and do what feels right.

Don't be afraid if you pull a card that, at first glance, appears unfavorable. Two years ago, I pulled the Death card as my overall theme of the year: I made it through all the challenges alive and well, and with my world transformed for the better.

This spread is just as well suited for New Year's Eve readings as it is for birthdays (just substitute your birth month in the first position). Don't forget to take a picture to refer back to over the upcoming year!