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Notes from the Artist


Artist and author Kim Krans founded The Wild Unknown in 2007. Each year it continues to surprise, enchant, and defy its own definition. Kim currently resides on the west coast, in a geodesic dome by the ocean. Keep up with her mysterious, creative, and psychic adventures here.

Hey Kim, can you tell us exactly what The Wild Unknown is?

Sure, I'll try. I’ll start simple and move toward the big ideas.

First, the phrase The Wild Unknown is taken from the lyrics of a Bob Dylan song called Isis. You should probably put that song on before you continue reading...

Second, The Wild Unknown is a nickname for myself, my artwork, and the self-publishing company I started back in 2007. So it’s a part of me but doesn’t represent the whole me. Likewise, I represent a part of The Wild Unknown, but can’t possibly represent the whole. That leads me to my next answer…

Third, The Wild Unknown is a community that developed around the tarot deck I drew in 2012. This group of seekers, tarot enthusiasts, artists, yogis, goths, visionaries, freethinkers, skeptics, and believers expanded beyond my wildest dreams. Soon there were thousands and then tens of thousands of you from all over the world, forming a living, changing, growing community in search of a deeper understanding of the human experience. You became The Wild Unknown. This leads me to my next answer…

Fourth, The Wild Unknown is a feeling. It is a place within. It's the part of us we do not yet understand, but long to know. Some might call it the unconscious, or more specifically the creative unconscious. Some call it the great mystery, spirit, soul, The Self, source, sacred intelligence, magic, magik, god, the force, or life’s longing for itself. The point is, even if we spent multiple lifetimes trying to know our full self, we’d fall short. The mystery remains and within it resides latent energy and power. This force moves us toward growth, no matter how uncomfortable. It pushed me to create the tarot deck when I doubted myself at every turn. Jung called this process individuation. I’m calling it The Wild Unknown. Either way, it is active, it moves within us, and with us. Can you feel it?

Fifth, though The Wild Unknown is within us, we are also within it. It is the mystery of the world, of the collective. You step into The Wild Unknown every time you do something that requires courage and leads you toward discovery. The Wild Unknown is the land you have never travelled to, the star we haven’t yet named, the lover you have yet to meet, the unborn child, the song unwritten, the ocean that calls from afar. This place will always exist. It holds you at this very moment. It is beyond wild, beyond unknown, and beyond generous. It calls us toward it with a seductive whisper, a persistent hum, or a savage roar. When we answer, we open our hearts once again to this life.
For now, I’ll stop here. There are infinite answers to this question. That’s the whole idea.

May your journey be bright, always. 
Kim Krans